What makes our products and services exceptional?

August 13, 2022

Neha Borah

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We began providing international student insurance as early as 2009. Student Cover evolved into what we know today. We have been in business for more than a decade, and our presence has remained strong.

The Student Cover team can guide you through all aspects of achieving your hassle free study abroad dreams, including our affordable and beneficial products. Here are the reasons why our products and services are exceptional and highly beneficial for our customers:


Unique set of amenities-

Our core products and services include Overseas Health & Travel Insurance, Overseas Education Loans, Admission Counseling, International Calling, Forex, and Credit Cards. You can choose from a wide variety of amenities in order to gain ultimate profit and fulfillment. Our company is the first reputable company to assist with everything related to study abroad opportunities so that all your needs can be met in one place.



Durable reputation-

Because of our esteemed members’ dignified efforts, we have an excellent reputation and several appreciative reviews (500+). We believe that the achievement and fulfillment of any given task can only be achieved through sheer dedication and client satisfaction.



A fair amount of customers-

We have processed 32,123 loans to date, received 98,999 student customers, and offered 53,243 insurance plans. Moreover, the number is growing every day. That explains the amount of trust and effort we tend to provide to the company.



Guaranteed Admission-

This is one of the most popular online destinations for Indian students who are seeking higher education abroad in foreign universities or colleges. Study abroad aspirants can count on our qualified team to help them get into the most prestigious universities/institutions of their choice.



Approaches based on client’s need-

We provide quality services at an affordable price due to our client-centered approach to product development and efficient delivery mechanism. Our products are distinguished from the competition through our outstanding assistance services. Our products and services could be used without worrying about the cost.



Mentors who you can count on-

Student cover is provided by a highly motivated team of support personnel who make sure that students are financially and mentally secure. By being a reliable mentor, we aim to make sure your experience is hassle-free and fulfilling.



Partnership with prestigious brands-

Several study abroad applicants have been able to secure a place at one of the top universities in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. We do this through our partnerships with esteemed professionals. With a huge number of success stories, we are proud to celebrate our team and their unstinting efforts.



Additional benefits-

> Additional benefits are provided to students when they avail our services, including a student referral program and a student association program.

> Many universities in the United States accept our plans. We also provide free basic “Overseas Travel Insurance” to new customers, as a cherry on top.



Helps you save money-

Student Cover lets you save thousands of dollars on health insurance premiums each year while other companies seek for ways to pillage from your pocket. Your well-being, trust, comforts and profit is our ultimate priority. Furthermore, almost 90% of US universities accept it and offer comprehensive benefits.



Beneficial Travel Plans-

Student Cover’s Travel + plans are a smart choice for travelers looking for worry-free travel. We are currently associated with 15 insurance providers and are always looking for more. Our ideas never stagnate, and neither do our plans. While keeping the roots intact, we evolve along with modern facilities.



Easily accessible and effective loan opportunities-

> The maximum loan with no security at the lowest ROI is determined by the applicant’s and co-borrower financial profiles.

> With the support of leading Indian banks and NBFCs, Student Cover offers educational loans at the most affordable rates.

> Besides offering education loans at competitive rates and partnering with 8+ lenders, we also ensure that students’ loan applications are processed efficiently and without delay.



A 24-hour assistance service-

Our claim assistance programs are fast and highly effective. You can count on our claim resolving experts to assist you with the most effective solution in no time.



Preferred Providers-

Our doctor and hospital directory can help you locate doctors, hospitals, labs, medical equipment, and supplies. You can locate Preferred Providers across the country in a quick and efficient manner.



Admission Counseling- 

Indian students aspiring to study at foreign universities and colleges can find study abroad admission counseling services at Student Cover. Study abroad aspirants can rely on our qualified team to assist them in getting into the most reputable and suitable universities/institutions.



Let’s wrap up!

Student Cover is the only marketplace that provides everything related to Insurance and loans. We are a reliable stop for effortless services. Our benefits and offers keep on getting updated in order to provide existing and probable customers the benefits and utmost satisfaction.


For more updates, visit www.wordpress-615697-2022802.cloudwaysapps.com. To know more, reach out to us at info@studentcover.in


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