What do you need to know about the preferred STEM courses to pursue in the best Canadian Universities?

April 16, 2021


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It would be best to have a clear understanding of your field of interest in pursuing higher education. Having a fixated goal or aim eases the task of choosing whether to study overseas or in one’s home country. The initial task at hand is identifying the correct destination for one’s study program and the best universities providing the same. As there are hoards of overseas universities, there may be a consistent dilemma about choosing the right one. One needs to be thorough with research and access to appropriate knowledge as it does half of the task.

Most of the time, NBFCs or Financial Institutions like banks are issuing education loans to study abroad aspirants who are willing to pursue STEM courses. Financial institutions understand the worth of their lending. These lending institutions believe that a STEM program graduate student does have a better chance to grab a job in the foreign employment sector. These candidates would score a job that yields better pay and assures the lending institution of their secured return of interest on the granted education loan.

Every study abroad candidate does not aim to pursue Science or mathematical study program in foreign universities; some feel a more subtle appeal to study humanities. However, when a candidate graduates with a STEM degree, he/she has an increased probability of gaining an employment opportunity in the foreign job market. Hence, enabling them to pay back interest rates of the hefty education loan. These factors make it essential to select an appropriate university for a STEM program that pays off a bright career. The universities in Canada and the US have procured some of the best-employed candidates from STEM programs. That is why students have preferred shifting to Canadian universities to root out scientific, and IT study programs over the years.

In this article, Student Cover will analyze and look into Canada’s best universities to pursue STEM courses. We will list some of the STEM programs that have shown their potential to grab a good job opportunity in the Canadian job market and procure good blue-collar jobs to the graduate candidates.


Canada’s investment in STEM courses

A recent report in Budget 2019: Investing in the Middle Class showed that the Canadian government has now been investing more and more into STEM courses. It has broadened students’ horizons and scopes from international lands to study and secure Canada’s good-paying jobs. It also strengthens the ties with the global market, leading to developing technical skills in the students working later as Canadian employees.

The Canadian market keeps producing newer places to fill with candidates who have procured a STEM degree. The Canadian government is also offering the most significant scholarship program, known as the Schulich Leader Scholarships, to some brilliant minds worldwide. The scholarship program offers students $100 million funding, out of which 50 undergraduate scholarships are rolled out almost every year.

While choosing a STEM course and university in Canada, researching the market trends and in-demand skill sets in the job market is essential. It helps to know which study program is likely to grow in the coming years and would require more job vacancies to be filled.  The institutes require the candidates to have competitive physics, chemistry, and mathematics scores to obtain an excellent Canadian university.

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A student might have various preferences depending on which he/she would select the university. There are different aspects for a candidate to vary;

  1. Which university offers a world-class faculty and infrastructure to explore and study?
  2. How high are the employment-achieving rates of the graduands?
  3. What practical skills are imparted with the option of paid training to the student?
  4. How qualified is the faculty to have great connections with the employment industry?

There is a specific reason to choose Canada as the study destination for pursuing STEM courses.

Firstly, to earn a permanent residency for a maximum duration of 3 years in Canada, the process is relatively speedier than in other countries. Due to a candidate’s choice to pursue post-graduation in a STEM course from universities specific to certain regions, the post-graduate work permit obtaining process becomes more accessible.

Secondly, the tuition required to study technical or mathematical study programs is cheaper and elite compared to universities in UK and US. Different provinces in the country own their PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program) that emphasize pursuing computer science and engineering courses or science courses.

Below is a university list in Canada that is best to pursue your STEM courses. Some courses under the STEM category could have higher prospects of earning you an excellent job in the Canadian region’s technology industry.


List of Some of the Best Universities in Canada for pursuing STEM Program

QS University Ranking 2021


University Name

Tuition Amount
(In INR)



University of Toronto

12-31 Lakhs



McGill University

 08-25 Lakhs



University of British Columbia

04-23 Lakhs



University of Montreal

06-14 Lakhs



University of Alberta

05-11 Lakhs



McMaster University

09-21 Lakhs



University of Waterloo

11-19 Lakhs



University of Calgary

06-18 Lakhs



University of Ottawa

04-24 Lakhs



University of Victoria

03-19 Lakhs



University of Saskatchewan

03-11 Lakhs



Concordia University

09-13 Lakhs


List of Some STEM Programs in Canada with High Paying Jobs

STEM Programs Available

Annual Salary Offered in
(Canadian Dollar)

Aerospace engineering


Computer science


Electrical engineering


Mechanical engineering


Civil engineering


Information Science


Chemical engineering




Computer Programming









Let’s Wrap up!

The list mentioned above of universities and STEM courses have the prospect of providing high paying jobs to the graduands who want to broaden their scope and enter into more exploring and innovative industry that offers them growth and development in an overseas land. Tapping into one’s potential and realizing which study program would yield the best results makes studying abroad dreams more accessible and worthy of achieving.

These universities in Canada are not only offering a world-class educational experience but the ability to nurture and enhance technological skills with an excellent paying employment opportunity in the future. There is a more extensive list of universities available on the QS world university ranking website for more information.

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Disclaimer: This blog was written based on the personal research of the writer. Readers’ discretion is advised. Neither Student Cover nor the writer will be held liable for any wrongful interpretation of this blog’s content.

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