Insurance claim settlement Process For Indian and US Health insurance Plans

June 19, 2018


As Insurance plan is more of a service than a physical product, that is why after sales service is one of the most important aspect of the whole insurance service. Under after sales services claim settlement process is the most important part as buyers or the insured majorly considers this as one of the basic parameters of selecting the best suited insurance plan to buy.

In this blog claim settlement process of various Insurance plans would be explained which will help the reader understand how to differentiate between a better insurance plan.

Claim settlement of Indian Health Insurance plans

Indian Insurance plans are meant to be process driven rather than customer driven. The process holds more value than the needs of the customers. This phenomenon is majorly influenced by the not so honest nature of most Indians as they do not tend to follow the rules and regulations laid by the company completely rightfully and misusing sources for false insurance claims. This is why proof of the whole operation of the claim settlements subsides the aim for a hassle free and simplistic approach for settlements of claims for the insured.

Due to the above reason and frequent opportunities for the insured to file a claim, for the medical bill paid for outpatient visits which happen frequently, most of the Indian Insurance companies has made a norm to ask for physical copies of the documents related to medical treatments, as proof for settlements of amount claimed. Only few of them ask for soft copies of the required documents to be send for the settlements of the claimed amount.

The process involving the requirement of hard copies for claim settlements proves to be time-consuming and not hassle-free for the insured as compared to the process where soft copies are sent easily by the insured without spending much time in filing the claim. Following are general documents to be sent either physically or virtually for claiming the refund for medical bills:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Payment receipt
  3. Insurance ID card
  4. Any other proof showing onset of the problem covered under the insurance plan.

Students are advised to choose Insurance plans from Indian Insurance companies which let them claim the medical bill payment refund by sending the required documents virtually. If those plans are not accepted by the student’s university then they are advised to go for U.S. Health Insurance plans. Although if they choose to take cheapest Indian plans with hard copy claim settlement process, it might prove the best deal if they do not have to go for any medical treatment during the year, so they do not have to go through the hassles of claiming insurance refund.

Claim settlement of U.S. Health Insurance plans:

U.S. Health Insurance plans, unlike Indian Insurance plans are more customer driven. These plans focus on the hassle free and smooth product experience for the customers. Claim settlement is a rare opportunity for the customers as medical bills from the providers in the network of the Insurance company are directly settled by them with the medical provider. Only in cases of medical bills from a non-network or out of network provider, customers have to claim the medical bills payment from the insurance company.

Process of claiming the medical bills amount is completely online. Customers does not need to send hard copies of the medical bills to be sent to the Insurance company. Only soft copies of the required documents are sent through Email or Fax to the insurance company and the bill amounts are refunded in a few days’ time.

Following are general documents to be sent either physically or virtually for claiming the refund for medical bills:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Payment receipt
  3. Insurance ID card
  4. Any other document important for claim settlement

Students are advised to go with US health Insurance plans when their University is not accepting Indian plans with soft copy claim settlement process.

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