Why is it so important to study a language in one’s native country?

September 19, 2022

Neha Borah

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Learning a new language is always a wise idea. Different sectors would greatly benefit from your knowledge. There are plenty of online platforms that could help you to acquire a certification or diploma of any given language you are willing to pursue. But have you ever thought about the exposure that you could achieve while studying a new language in the place where it is actually spoken? This could be one of the best decision of your life and an unique learning experience. 


Studying a language abroad has ten advantages over studying at home:


It will broaden your experiences

It is essential to learn how to survive in a completely different environment in order to grow and stretch your limits. In order to handle anything in life, you’ll have to overcome the everyday challenges you might possibly come across in a whole different country. You will experience local life differently wherever you go. It is both exciting and challenging.


It will teach you practical vocabulary and expressions

An online course doesn’t have the capability to offer you first hand experiences of the language. It couldn’t let you acknowledge, contemplate and comprehend with such practicality. Living a foreign language is essential to becoming proficient in it on every level, especially when it comes to enhancing your interpersonal skills. You could be updated with the latest way of greeting people and gain different communicative skills that are currently applicable. 


The language will engulf you

It’s impossible to ignore a language that you want to learn while being present in the native land where it is actually spoken. Your every move would demand a communication in the language and would result as a trial in grasping better understanding in a practical form. Even the smallest of tasks would make you contemplate more about the acquisition. You will learn new words and deepen your understanding of the language with every interaction. The language will literally swallow you in. From waking up in the morning till yawning through the night, it will keep hovering over your mind (not in a creepy way of course). 


It’s a great way to meet new people

It’s challenging to find friends  in a new place. But having international classmates provides you with the opportunity to gain shared ideas and spend quality time together. You will be interacting with people from different corners of the world with a common goal and learn together for better. It is also imperative to communicate with the locals in their language. This will help to improve your listening skills, gain a better understanding of the language, and gain a more holistic view of their culture. Practicing could be so much fun when you have people at the same stage as yours, living in a new land and learning a new language, just like you. 


Vast career opportunities

Knowing German could land you vast career opportunities starting from education, entertainment, information technology, automobile to healthcare, logistics, power and utility, mass media, financial services, outsourcing etc. High paying jobs under MNC, top Hotels or translation could be your future option. The benefits aren’t confined till one particular language. Every one of them has their own capability in opening several doors in your life. You could even be a translator or professor (among many other) of the language your are planning upon. 


Practice makes it better

In order to master a new language, you must put it into practice every day when you live abroad. But the greatest thing is that it never feels like practice. It won’t take long for you to get involved and keep up when everyone is speaking their native tongue. You could simply be ordering food at the restaurant which could help you enhance the language learning. 


Enhance the status of your CV

Sustaining a life in a new land isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It take a lot of courage and determination to succeed at your given field while adjusting to a new environment and the employers know that well. The first benefit of learning a language is that it shows your future employers or college admissions boards that you are a dedicated student. This is because you are capable of focusing, and have an enthusiasm in learning new things in life. 


Discover the Culinary Art

There are signature dishes that are unique to every country and every region. No matter how much the other countries try to duplicate, the originality remains to be unmoved. You could discover several delicious dishes in the country you are traveling to. For instance, you can never miss out on the special handmade Spaghettis and Pizzas if you ever visit Italy. You could even hone your skills in cooking new meals or being an absolute foodie of new dishes. 


The journey is a delight

Studying a new language in an abroad country could be visualized as an experience that has the capability of carrying different exuberant factors. Other than acquiring a new skill, it could be an exciting traveling experience. You could visit new sites and corners of the city and achieve your much needed getaway! Despite having to attend class and study, you also have the opportunity to make new friends and explore . You could unravel the mysteries around the globe in every stroll.  


New interests can be discovered

Did you know that you were into football before visiting Spain? Studying abroad offers you an environment that is different from your home land, and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn something new is truly fruitful and worthwhile. Your new hobby might be writing, reading, cooking, scuba diving, hiking, etc. You could unravel a part of you that you never knew existed. 


Let’s wrap up!


Studying a new language from an online platform is one way of learning, but acquiring the theory is another. Studying abroad and spending every day surrounded by the native speakers is a completely different experience. It’s imperative to understand that, although both of these methods can help you learn a language, only one of them is proven to accelerate your progress.  Language courses abroad are an experience unlike any other; they boost your confidence and independence while developing your cultural knowledge.


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