How to make the most of everything as Indian student in the US?

October 24, 2019


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“…Those were the best days of my life” is what comes to mind when one remember his or her days in college or university. College life is what every school going kid longs for, and awaits it in anticipation. It is that period in life when one is in the prime of his or her youth. It is a time when one expects to live young but treated as an adult. College life offers freedom but demands responsibility in return.

In this blog, Student Cover explores various facets of student life in a college or university in the US and tries to provide tips for students, especially Indian students, to make the most of everything.

College Life in the US

College life in the US is as much fun, if not more, as in India. The country has one of the best educational infrastructures in the world with facilities for academic learning, recreation and sports. The college campuses are huge and plush green.

The libraries are well stacked with books as well as research journals of every discipline. Its laboratories have state-of-the-art research equipment and tools which gives research students an edge of others. This is the reason why US is a leader in innovation and research in almost every field.

With regard to curriculum, Universities and colleges in the US follow semester system. While most follow two Semester a year format, others may have even trimester system. Teaching is done in well lit and spacious classrooms equipped with modern teaching gadgets. In the US, hands-on learning is given preference over learning by rote; practical application gets precedence over theory.

How to make the best of everything

  • Be Punctual – Being punctual not only means reaching places on time but also understanding the value of time. Always try to complete any given work on time. Professors are busy people and hence shouldn’t be bothered unnecessarily. Making a list of things to discuss will help save your as well as their valuable time. Avoid procrastination at any cost.
  • Follow a Routine – Following a routine helps one keep track of one’s time as well as progress. It also allows one to take out time for oneself. An ideal routine is the one which is neither too difficult to adhere to nor too flexible to induce a sense of discipline in the person following it.
  • Try to Understand; Not Remember – It is not about how much you know but about how well you know it. Spend time on understanding the concepts thoroughly and try to figure out their practical implications instead of just trying to remember them. In the US, it is mandatory for students to write a dissertation at the end of their term in order to get a Master’s Degree or a PhD. This requires critical thinking and analysis.
  • Utilize all Available Resources – Every college or university in the US has well-resourced library stocked with impressive collection of books and research journals. In addition to that, they also have state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers for students and research scholars in almost every department. You should use those facilities optimally to complete your work. Also each campus in a US college or University provides free Wi-Fi to its students. You can use them to download research papers, undertake online courses or attend webinars.
  • Be Proactive – While it is essential to stay focused on studies, it does not necessarily mean isolating oneself from all other activities. In fact, participating in extracurricular activities helps sharpen one’s brain and build personality. Colleges and Universities in the US provide facilities for all sorts of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music etc. You should try to take part in any such activity that suits your interest.
  • Socialize & Build Network – Opportunities come to those who seek it. In this globally connected world, it is not about whom you know, but who knows you. Socializing helps students to stay in touch with others. It helps identify those opportunities that might help him or her in life. Every day, students must try to spend some time with fellow students, faculty members or class mates, either online or in real life.
  • Follow the Rules – Every university or college in the US has certain rules and regulations, both written and non-written to regulate students’ conduct on and off the campus. A student is expected to adhere to them with at all times. If a student is found violating certain rules, he might face disciplinary action. Some of them include drug abuse, sexual harassment, racism, indulging in violence, destruction of public property, using unlawful means to pass an examination or plagiarizing someone else’s work. Use all available resources

Let’s Wrap Up!

Student life gives you freedom but also demands responsibility. One can make the best of a student life in the US by being punctual, following a routine, focusing on understanding concepts rather than just remembering by rote, Utilizing resources effectively, being proactive, Networking and following the rules.

Disclaimer: The content of the following article is based on the personal research of the writer. Readers are advised to exercise discretion. Student Cover will not be liable for any wrongful interpretation of the content of this article. The data given in example is imaginary and not real. Any similarity with real data is purely coincidental.

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