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At Student Cover, we make loan applications and loan approvals as easy as possible. Students benefit from our broad network of partner institutions by receiving competitive education loans as well as a quick and seamless loan application process.

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In order to provide the education loan to students and at most affordable rates, Student Cover has partnered with leading banks and NBFCs in India. Our broad network of partner institutions ensures that students not only get education loans at best possible rates but quick and hassle-free processing of loan applications.


Can student pre-pay their Loan?

How is the disbursement made?

What security do can i show in order to avail secured loan?

When can student apply for loan?

Am I eligible for a loan even if Co-Applicant is already having any other loan?

Do Banks/Loan companies give preference or benefits to students having admit from Good Colleges/Universities?

Who all can Sponsor me as a Co-Applicant? Anyone working abroad can sponsor or become a co-applicant?

When does the Loan EMI start and what is the maximum tenure for Loan repayment?

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