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Dental Plans for Students and Insurance

Exclusive “Dental+ plan” refers to a student specific dental insurance plan provided by Student Cover. Our plans are designed to provide additional coverage and benefits beyond what is offered by traditional dental insurance plans. Exclusive “Dental+ plan” offer coverage for a wide range of dental services.

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Exclusive Dental + Plans from Student Cover

Student Cover has come up with top-of-the-line bundled insurance plans with travel benefits coverage as their torchbearer. These plans have been brought to the shore after an in-depth research and invaluable inputs gained from decades old market-rich and practical experience of the travellers

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Possible reasons could be:

Selected policy maximum may be too high, or not available for all ages; try quoting individually.

Duration after arrival could be beyond the time frame allowed for the purchase of some plans.

Coverage dates specified may be too long, most plans allow a maximum of 364 days initially.

Plans are not available based of the filter criteria that was entered; try widening te search.

Not all plans are available in all the places, or for all ages.

Please contact us as we may still be abel to arrange a plan for you.

If you want to opt for a dental discounted option along with discounted vision coverage (refer to the sample banefits of the discounted plans), then click on the link below link:


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